Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Last night seemed normal. We went and picked up my daughter at my moms house, but we were about a half-hour late because a girl hit a deer in front of us, and so we stayed and waited with her for the sherriff. It was sad, I looked up from our truck and the deer was still alive and then the next minute I look back and it had stopped breathing. It was kinda eerie to know I saw it's final moments :( I'm just glad it wasn't suffering anymore.
So we get to my moms and eat supper, but before we sit down, I got a really bad yucky stomach. Like when your in knots and then your stomach gurgles, it was horrible, but I thought, "I'm just hungry, I haven't ate since lunch.." We ate and had to be back home so I could finish working for the night.
When we got home, I still wasn't feeling well, but I figured it's just stress, and I am tired. I made my last phone call of the evening, and a client (Hi Anne!) came over to finalize her order, I sent my orders fro the night and got Libbie in the bath. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to throw up, like, NOW.
So people, I have the flu. The flu hits me on the busiest week of my enitire year. Yep, that's awesome.

I will be home all day (Except at 4:00, because I have a session! Hi Cindy!), in my pj's and robe, though, still finalizing orders. TOMARROW is the LAST DAY to have anything by Christmas. Christmas Card orders MUST be in by tomarrow, 5:00 at the latest. Please be observant of the deadline, as no orders will be placed Friday, Saturday or Sunday as we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our families (Well, Troy will. I might be in the bathroom :/)


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