Tuesday, November 4, 2008

4.5x5 Accordian fold cards

Another great and stylish card is the Accordian fold. It does just as it says and has 4 panels that fold accordian style. These cards add drama to your card, and also add a touch of elegence and style. A favorite of mine, not only because of the style of the card, but designing these are so much fun. It's like getting to design 8 cards at once! :) Throw on a pearl finish and really make your card deliver (no pun intended.. ha ha)
Here's a sample
Front of accordian card:

Back of accordian card:

And of course, the adorable Eli as our subject! :) Who knew accordian cards would come this cute?!
Schedule a session today or use images from an older session to make your Christmas/New Years cards!


the kebers said...

Everybody reads your blog or whatever all that stuff is. I don't know too much about farming so I'm not really sure what they are in the running for. I only found out about it that morning. and I'm gonna give you one guess as to whether or not I've seen those pictures and that would be a no. I would like those Christmas cards if I had a picture to put on it. Just put one of your family and sign our names.

Jamie Temple said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Tracy... I'll be posting an awesome blog tomarrow, make sure you read it :)

Kate said...

Jamie, I love this card that you chose to put Eli's pictures on. You are an amazing photographer and I pray you will never stop taking pictures. I can't wait for you to have a studio that you can go to so you will never have to worry about the winter months since mother nature is your studio (I'm hoping this is your announcement on Dec 1st is to tell us you found a studio). Anyway, keep up the great work...you are the best!!