Thursday, November 6, 2008

5x5 folded card

Here is an original design on a 5x5 folded card. This card is a square which makes it very unique from other cards, and adds a touch of class in my opinion. These cards give tons of room to design, which also leaves major room for lots of portraits to be added. So if you want the maximum capacity, this is the card for you! :) Here is one I designed this morning for the Bearman family...


I love the geometrics of it, it's like orderly chaos :) Which is my life in a nutshell <3...

I hope to get another card up here today, as I want to start getting you all geared up for the holiday season by featuring 2 new designs a day. I know I will regret saying that on here if I only get one out a day, but hey at least I tried. And trying is half the battle.. GI JOE! (I know, it's knowing... I just like saying it ha ha!)

Wanted to let you guys in on some cool albums I'm listening to as well.. they probably aren't new, but Katy Perry's new album is pretty awesome, and I love to listen to it while I am designing. It gives me adreneline! Especially Hot N Cold... I abso-love that song :)
The other isn't new, I know, but it's so awesome anyway, Robert Plant & Allison Krauss's "Raising Sand". It's like the perfect blend of rock and soft, their voices are like sweet and sour together. So yummy!

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