Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Say WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!

I am an avid blog-stalker, I will admit it whole-heartedly. When I awake in the middle of the night< i'm usually either stalking blogs, or And yes, I awke in the middle of the night often.


So I guess I wanted to post 2 things in this weak attempt at writing a blog without pictures...

Numero uno: I love blogs. I love THESE blogs with the force of a trillion suns though:
Jasmine Star
Brandy J
So how was your day?
and of course, Vickie...

And numero dos: Everytime I see something I love, I comment on it. I open my big mouth (I know it's so hard to believe that its EVER SHUT!) and I smother some love all over the comment box.
I keep hearing of all these people who have seen my blog, "I read your blog the other day...", "HEY, I saw your blog!", "I cannot believe you have that stupid collage of yourself up on your blog." - ok, the last one may be from Troy. I love it when you guys tell me you read my blog when I see you and when I talk to you all on the phone, and I ABSOLOVE that you guys are talking about it!! YOU GUYS ARE ROCKING MY WORLD! :)
So get comment crazy! Go back to old posts and comment what you love! But I think that I am gonig to just put random questions up here and ask that you comment your answers to them! :) SO SO FUN! Lets get started:

Close your eyes and count to 3. OPEN THEM! Whats the first thing you see in front of you?

Here we go kiddos! Comment away!


Ridenour Family said...

Hi Jamie! Although we've never had an actual conversation, I do know who you are (: Found your blog through comments, and since you're forcing me to make a comment (just kidding) I just want you to know that you're very talented in what you do! You have great style, and I love to look at your work.
~Tricia Ridenour

amber said...

I saw a picture of my nephew, Bricen. Great idea!!!

Christy said...

Ok Dork, guess your more like Troy than I thought :)
Can you use your talent and crop my family into the new family photos? That way I can lie to my kids and say hey yeah don't you remember that.

Brandy J Photography said...

Literally, a box of tissues. In my head, I saw on of my good friends.

Hope all is well girl!

Jamie Temple said...

You guys are all great! :)
You really made my day!