Monday, November 24, 2008

Another QuickTake session, Chase, Alex and Bailey

This past Sunday I took a QuickTake session of my best friend, and cousin, Elisha and her boyfriend, Josh and the kids, Chase, Alex and Bailey. Such cutie pies! We had a few tears, but we worked through them and got some smiles out of lil Miss Bailey.



And of course these two sexy beasts...

When Elisha and I are around each other, we tend to forget we are adults and we often are loud and obnoxious together and can become thouroughly annoying. This is why my husband has learned to just stay away... far far away... when Elisha and I are around each other :)
I asked them to give me a soap opera face. This is what I got:

I'm pretty sure that this one should be the 40x40 gallery wrap you are shooting for in the living room.
:) Love you <3

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