Friday, November 21, 2008

Some of Liberty's quirks...

Today as I was thinking of what to blog about, while putting laundry in, Liberty and I were having a "sort-of conversation". What's a "sort-of conversation"? It's having a converstaion with Liberty, a 3 year old, who jumps from conversation to conversation, and by the end of it, she says, "Do you understand?" and I say "Sort-Of..."
She was telling me about her dream she had ("Mom, last night a monkey put straw in my hair. Then he took off the dogs face, but he didn't take off the girls face. And I said, "I don't want that on." And he said in a mean tone "YOU BETTER PUT IT ON!"), we talked about ice cream, ("But, I want an ice cream cone for breakfast!!!") we talked about cleaning ("I want to wash my room, but I don't want to pick up my things on the floor, I will wash around them. I am leaving the fingernails on the floor for the bad guys on Home Alone. They will step on them and yell, AHHH! That would be really funny.") Side note: someone got her fake press on fingernails. I believe these persons names are COURTNEY AND AARON TEMPLE, and I'm sure it was a payback for, well any present loud or sticky or messy that I ever got the girls.By the end of it, I knew I put laundry in and put detergent in, and shut the washer and turned it on. But at the end of the conversation, I went, "Huh?!"

I give MAJAH kudos to her, as she has been a real trooper these past 2 weeks and hopefully for the insane weeks to come. It has been a circus around here that's for sure,and I haven't been a particularly nice person at home latley. She has been able to entertain herself for hours on end with puzzles, movies, babies, litebrite, and yelling unintelligently at her Little People, even using phrases only I would say, such as "...make your head spin!", "NEVER AGAIN!", "Oh crap." and even the particular gem of sighing extra hard and extra long.
I have a feeling that I'm creating a monster... :)

I have been giving into her addictions too, which is so BAD, and hopefully Christmas presents will cure this, or we will have to get her in a 12-step program. Some of her addictions are:
Spiderman 3 (No lie, she watches this 3 times in a row EVERYDAY.)
Suckers ("With the gum or the brown stuff in them")
Home Alone 1&2
Max and Ruby DVD
Rhyming, but every rhyme ends with the word Poop, and a loud giggle.
You-Tube video "3 Funniest laughing Babies", watch it, you will laugh too.
Make up (This is also a Courtney and Aaron temple present.)

She is watching Max & Ruby right now, and she just ran up to me and said "Mom, I forgot to tell you, When the Monkey was in our house, Lenny* said to him, "If your a monkey, Monkeys don't live in houses." and then he broke his teeth. And Lenny said bad things to him, and then he went away to his own house. The monkey did."
*: Lenny is the imaginary brother that Liberty has. He lives at his Grandma Morton's house and goes to school at Central Insurance. I have no idea who Grandma Morton is.


Leigha Wieman said...

Your daughter is hilarious lol. Reading your post made me smile and laugh, which I needed. Thanks =) And thank you for your uplifting comment on my own blog. It's been a rough week....just feeling down and lonely. But, trying to keep my head up ;)

Leigha Wieman said...

And, I just watched that video on YouTube....Laughed so hard I cried! lol