Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cindy & Clint... a Love Session QuickTake

Yesterday was insane. It was like I was on a tredmill at full blast trying to keep up! My solace was knowing that I had a session at 4 with Cindy and Clint. There is nothing more blissful than getting away from paperwork and packaging to go let creativity flow! :)

Cindy has followed me (she says stalked, lol!) since my very early beginning. I officially met her when I was part-timing at a local gas station. I was so flattered that someone knew me at that time for my photography. I still get flattered, but at that time, NO ONE knew me, and Cindy really put a bit more sunshine in my day then! She has been a faithful blog reader and facebook friend, and I know that she passes may name along to people, and I am very grateful for my "free advertising"! :) Thank you Cindy and Clint, I know you will love your images.



Happy Thanksgiving!

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