Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh what a night!

Last night was history in the making. I'm very happy to have been part of that, but I am so proud of one of my seniors, Miss Katie Smelser, who was in Grant Park in Chicago last night for the amazing speech that was given by President Obama. She text me last night and said that she had so many pictures to show me, and that she had never seen so many people cry all at once! :) I'm honored that one of my Seniors was there for history in the making. It's great that people like Katie, and at her age, care about the future of our country so passionatley! Plus, I am flattered that she thought of me to text! :)

OK, so I told Tracy that I would have a greeting card for her on the blog today... Here you go Tracy.

:) have a wonderful day! :D


the kebers said...

I love it! I'll get you my list can you mail them out for me too?!

Jamie Temple said...

ha! I don't even have time to shave my legs... Seriously. :)