Friday, October 3, 2008


How can this be happening?

What if he does have a heart condition?

I can't live my life without him in it.

What if this gets worse?

I cannot believe I am following an ambulance for my husband.

I want this day to go away.

Calm down.

He has to be in for 4 days?



I cannot believe this is happening.

God please, just hold him in Your hands.

Help me be strong.

Help him to be strong first.

Oh God.

I have to sleep without him tonight.

What is Liberty going to think?

What if she asks where Daddy is?

Daddy has a ouchie on his heart.

The doctors will fix him, baby.

I know you want to see him, but he is having a sleepover at the hospital.

It's ok, you will get to see Daddy Monday.

You get to sleep with me tonight.

God let me sleep.

I love you Lord, please just hold him since I can't.

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