Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rachel's Challenge continued...

I just wanted to start this out by saying a gigantic THANK YOU to all who came out to the Rachel's Challenge community program at Parkway High School this last Thursday. Your support is veryinspirational to me and I can't wait to get this in the other local schools (fingers crossed!).
The administrators at Parkway are just as excited about this message as I am and I am so happy the community & students responded the way they did to this. Amazing. This makes my faith in small towns so much more evident. :)

I have some pictures to post, but I am goingtopost them sepereately since I just can't seem to figure this out, and I will TRY TRY TRY to do it correctly. If you can't view them here, please look for them on my Myspace page and look for them on the Parkway Independent or in the Van Wert Voice, as I am sending them to these places as well.

If you haven't yet read about Rachel's Challenge, you can here and please be vocal toyour schools to get it there. It really is life changing, and not just for the students, for the teachers,a nd parents as well. You never think these things could happen to you or your child, but ask Darrell Scott, they can. With Rachel's program we can change this atmosphere and creat a kind and compassionate place to go everyday in your local school.

I also want to thank Kara Heiser and Josh Fisher, my Parkway senior representatives for being my go-to people to hand out my information to any peer in need. I also donated a book called "Rachel's Tears" to Parkway's Library and I will be making it a priority to be involved every week at the F.O.R. meetings that will be held during the school day at the high school. I am fully committed to making this program work, and I seeing as there were over 200 students who signed up for leadership, I feel I will be in good company. =)

I want to also thank Shane Hammon, the speaker for Parkway. I told him afterwards that he was the perfect pick to send to Parkway. He spoke right to these kids,and on their level. I am so grateful for Shane being the speaker on Thursday. No one was a better fit for this, than him. Shane told me after the community program that he sat with some kids at lunch, and that he was going to be doing that from now on. That he felt they got some more questions answered than they normally could, and he could feel the excitement of this program through the kids. So those of you who ate lunch with Shane, YOU INSPIRED HIM! Thank you!! :)

Ok, I am on to post some pictures if I can get it to work, and then I am going to be editing for a couple hours, and enjoying my free Saturday. I plan on watching movies, raking the yard and just hanging out with my famdizzle today. I'm so EXCITED!!!! :)

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