Monday, October 20, 2008

As of lately...

Ok, so I couldn't figure out how to post the Rachel's Challenge pictures, so you will see them as of a later date, when I call my Techie, Jake, and make a complete fool of myself... "Jake will you help me post pictures to my blog, please?" and he will roll his eyes at me as he always does :) lol...

I don't know if anyone really reads this blog, and I have been debating whether to post anything about this or not, but it's weighing on me heavily and I really need some feedback. So here goes....

I am looking to find a place for a studio. In downtown Van Wert. I don't want to find a place that I'm going to have to gut to get how I like, but I really want a place that I can call my own. The fundage front, however, is not looking so stellar. I found a place that would be cool, and the owner wants to sell it, but I'm not interested in buying ANYWHERE yet. I'd like to rent, see how it works for a while before I would even consider buying.
I firmly believe that God will provide if it is in His plans for me, but really, the money isn't there to do so right now, but if I don't have a place by winter, I have limited ability to shoot. Especially babies, which I already have some sessions for the winter scheduled. What have I been doing for babies as of now? Smack dab in my living room, or in the clients house.
I want a place so I don't have to work in my living room anymore. I want to seperate work from home, because when I work in my living room, I find myself sitting on the couch going, "Ohh i could get one more session in before bed", and my husband is saying "Hi. I'm over here again, by myself."
My daughter has become accustomed to saying "Please get off the computer and play with me." I sometimes feel like my work trumps my home time, because it's right there... staring at me... saying You know you want to get more done... just come over here. Come snuggle with Photoshop. :( Then I feel like a guilty cheater when I give in. Photoshop is like crack. Grrr.....

So anyways, I have been brainstorming about ways to make some money for the studio. I thought about hosting a Photobooth party for my Senior reps and friends. Charging to get in at the door, for refreshments, maybe hiring a couple bands or a dj for the evening, etc. I just don't know how far it would go over. Would I make money, would I just break even? On top of all this, we have a 4 day Hospital stay & ER visit to pay for, a new washing machine (broke as soon as we got home from the hospital, talk about bad timing), My car needs a new battery, and so so much more that I won't even get into because it just makes me depressed. :(

I have been dreaming of this studio, and I find myself drawing it over and over. I think my new studio's floor plan is in every notebook I own, i caught myself drawing it with sidewalk chalk the other day with Liberty! That's bad.

So I have a question for all of you readers (probably 2 of you! ha!):
1. Should I start a studio?
2. Should I have a fundraiser?
Leave your answers in the comments of this post!!
Thank you both for reading this- HA HA!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie!

I've been stalking, I mean, following your progress as a photographer :) Congrats on all your accomplishments! God is truly good and I think that this current situation your finding yourself in is just another way to witness to others about trusting in God. I know you already do, I can feel it in your writings. And this situation with the studio is another example of God saying "I have you in the palm of my hand....follow your still, small voice and you will know what to do." I dont' mean to preach, I actually am blessed by YOU every time I read or see something from you!

I can understand you want to seperate work from home!! Renting seems to be the safest when finances aren't really where we would like them (I think we're all in that boat now!) I know renting has worked for Eric and I when we weren't sure whether to buy or rent. And with the election coming up and the economy on a slippery slope, I'd be careful about any large money committment (buying).

So there.....I know you're thinking, where in the heck is all this coming from?!?! I'm no expert on anything, and even though we don't talk in real life much, I really admire you and want the best for you becuase I think you reach tons of people with your awesome witness and personality! And your just plain hilarious too :) So good luck! Keep us informed! (And btw...I'm in the Chatt area now, so hopefully I see you around! :)
Love ya

Amber said...

Hey Jamie!! I just want to say I read your blog!! I find you to be so inspirational!! I think you should start your studio because without it you're going to be hurting more financially and for your family life to get back to normal you need it!! I think you should definately do a fundraiser. Maybe do a raffle and whomever wins gets a free session with you or something....or maybe whomever wins gets the first session at your new studio!!! I don't know just an idea. If I think of anything else I'll post it here. Its too early in the morning to think!!! Anyway take care and I'll know God will provide for you. I'm so happy to hear that Troy is ok. I bet that was really scarey for you.