Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some old things made new, some changes, and some brand spankin' new things :)

For the last 3 days, I haven't been able to have a full nights sleep. I think it's a mixture of excitement, impatience, and anxiety. I'll explain all three in full detail.

My excitement is that we are SOOOOOOO close to drywalling, then finishing, then painting, then staining, then moving in, then OPENING the studio. That sounds like alot, but one time I went away to a photography conference and came home to a newly drywalled, painted and furniture moved into Living Room. And yes, it's because my dad and my husband are The Shizzo. Fo Rizzo. On top of that excitement, I ordered my new external hard drive, my new packaging (in all my branded colors!),finished my new brouchures, and have 4 senior/children/baby backgrounds finished or at least in the process of finishing,and no they aren't cheesy... they are THA BOMB. Man, I'm so excited, I'm talkin' gangsta... Here is a sneak peek of my brochures:

Here is the outside (remember it folds)

Here is the Inside:

I have included some new Specialty Sessions (A "Kicks to Coos" baby package that will rock your socks, and an Ultimate Senior package with TONS of prints included, and a Milestone Anniversary session with a twist, and you'll love it!!), as well as new print sizes, FRAMING (!), and yes, you guessed it new pricing pretty much overall. I also have revamped some things to help you get better deals, and I will be having some annual sales such as QuickTakes for Christmas & Easter, A Limited Edition Series titled "Forever Love" which features Mothers and Children & Father's and Children for Mother's Day and Father's Day. (Limited Edition Series mean that I will only be taking a certain amount of these and then they will not be offered again (You get INCREDIBLE percentages off of framing with these series!!)) Gallery Wrap Sales, Album Sales and so so much more! Excited yet?

My impatientence? Well, duh. Isn't it obvious?! One of the big reasons why I think I am having trouble sleeping is because I use the studio to clear my mind at night. I read "The Secret" so I visualize myself walking a client through the studio, soaking in all the colors and knick-knacks. I can even hear my receptionist (Mom, lol!) click-clacking the keys of her keyboard scheduling me 3 more seniors for the week. The phone is ringing off the hook. I see people waiting in the reception area. I see my lighting in the camera room, I see my assistants editing dutifully in the offices. I walk my client to the dressing room, and help her carry in all the beautiful collections of clothes they brought to model their uniqueness in front of my Canon Mark III (Ok, that's when I realize I am dreaming). And when I am shaken awake by either pure excitement, Troy's unending snoring, or Libbie's sleepwalking, I start that process over again. I am a dreamer, but this dream WILL be my reality, and in not so many more sleepless nights. I am so impatient to show you all what I have been dreaming of for so long. All I can say is: GOD IS GOOD, BABY. GOD IS GOOD.

My anxiety? Well, it's a big mixture of things. But the biggest is getting this studio done BEFORE February. Because I am impatient, y'know?!

One of my bestest, dearest and cherished friends is coming home from Seattle, WA Saturday, and my number one priority is to take her to the studio. Evertime we talk we never have a full phone call without telling each other how proud we are of one another. She is a successful, independant, and determined soul. I love her with all of my being and I wish her nothing but outrageous success. I hope your bigger than Marylin, baby - Because YOU deserve it. LOVE YOUR FACE. FACE!
My second priority is to get giggly and ride bicycles down the middle of main street. Because that's how we roll.

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