Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ross.. Never forgotten.

One of the perks of being a Senior photographer is meeting the beautiful souls that are yet to bloom. The excited stories of what they believe their future holds, and keeping intouch with them to see those dreams come to reality. It's even better when you can relate to your clients on a personal level. When you find the things you have in common, and a firendship grows from the working relationship.

I'll never forget getting a late night text from Ross Thatcher, telling me he was going to Rothbury. I, not knowing what it was assumed it was a college of some sort and I said, "That's awesome, Ross! What are you going for?" (I, stupidly, talking about a major!) and he replied, "Well, for the music!" He then asked if I planned on going and then it clicked that he was not talking about a college, he was asking if he would get to enjoy some good music with me! We had alot of bantering about music from that day forward (He was the first person to share Umphrey's McGee with me) and some funny correspondence via text message from then on.

That was just Ross. I think he found it to be his total nature to make people smile or laugh. We hit it off really well during his shoot, even though I think Sue, his mom, would have liked to see me more serious, but it was impossible to not have fun when Ross was around.

Why am I blogging about Ross, a Senior of mine from 2009? Because he was sadly killed this morning in a car accident. This is the first time I have ever had this happen with any of my Seniors, and I hope to never have it happen again. In his honor I would like to share some of his pictures from his session, and show you all what a lively and fun guy Ross was. You will never be forgotten, Ross!
(My favorite image from his entire session!)



Rest easy.
May the four winds carry you home.

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