Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Summer QuickTakes announced...

For those of you who are calling and asking when the next QuickTake will be, I have it set on the calendar now. Drumroll please......

JULY 7th - JULY 17th
(no appointments on Sundays or Mondays of each week, due to our hours!)

I am only offering them for a week this time, because of how many Seniors I have (YAYYYY!!!!) in the Summer months. Get your call in NOW to schedule for this because I had to turn people away for Easter QuickTakes. They will be filling up fast! :) They will run as they did before, three 15 minute increments per hour, $20 per 15 minutes. Double Quicktakes are available this time as well: 30 minutes for $40.

The difference (other than time obviously) between QuickTakes and regular sessions is the amount of images to choose from. QuickTakes are limited to about 20-50 images to choose from, depending on how many people I am shooting. A regular session can yield up to 100-150 images on average. We will most definitely still be taking regular sessions at this time.

Give me a call (419.203.0889) or email: jtphotography@live.com to schedule an appointment!

P.S. Be on the lookout for our new marketing cards in area businesses soon!

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