Monday, March 8, 2010

Courage and Giving back

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver. - Maya Angelou

In the last year I have learned a lot about myself. I am sure that I have started posts like this before, but it holds more here today. I have felt battered, beat down, and all in all- crappy. There was things missing in my life and things beating down the gates inside waiting to get free. I ignored these needs because I "had too much to do". I still "have too much to do", BUT! it's time to get raw. Come clean. Experience the life that is dying to come out of my pores. To unleash what I need to be, do and become. It's waiting to be released. And I am starting this journey with little baby steps.

Many of you are Facebook friends, and have seen in the last week that I am trying to become Vegan. I emphasize trying because as with anything drastic, you shouldn't set yourself up for failure by stating that you *are* something if you don't know if you can completely deliver. If it should happen that I don't make it, I will at least come out of this experience with a sense that I have made my food choices healthier for my family and that's what really matters.

Why am i doing this? I am a hippie at heart :) and I have suffered a lot of loss in the last few years. For those of you who don't personally know us, Troy's brother, Ryan, passed away from cancer in 2006, and my friend, Leigha, passed away from cancer in 2009. They both passed away on the same day in July, only years apart. That was enough of a wake up call for me. I started researching why we get cancer. Cancer happens when abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy normal body tissue. Cancer can be predisposition in your family, and can be triggered due to pollutants in your body; such as poor diet and chemicals in your environment.
Look around.
Every day is a waiting game. There are cancer triggers all over the computer desk you and I are sitting at. In the bottled water you are drinking. On the toys you are letting your children play with. And we just let it be that way. Because it's more convenient and easy.

So then I started to identify what I could do to stop the risk in my family. I cannot control pollutants we breathe (But I plan on taking steps to be one of the millions of people who will!) but I can control what my family eats. When I plugged in food and cancer to my search, I got Dr. Max Gerson.

Did you know that cancer is curable through diet? Wow! How did that happen? Because Dr. Gerson proved it in the 20's. If you have lost someone to cancer and just read that statement, aren't you mad? Aren't you totally pissed that your friend's, husband's, wife's, brother's, sister's doctor didn't let you in on this secret? I could go into more detail on this but I would ramble for hours about how pissed off I was to know this. Just go research the Gerson diet. And read the books. And watch the films. You too will be PISSED OFF about why you had to lose a loved one to this sick and heinous disease when qualified people know the secret.

Now I am not trying to induce panic! Don't go home and start purging all your children's toys and household items until there is nothing left! I am just suggesting making a few small changes to make your home and lifestyle cleaner and more natural for you and your children to cut the cancer risk in half. Please watch this video below.

Please go to Healthy Child Healthy World and join the cause, and donate as little as $10 to help them raise awareness to keep our kids and our selves safe. I just did!

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