Thursday, April 23, 2009

I love this song. I love the opening lines...

My life is simple and
I'm not a superman
I never said that I was more than that
I'm not a wanna be
I'm who I want to be
And I intend to be
How you created me

I think sometimes we make people out to be this incredible superhuman. I know I am not this. I have downfalls, there are days I completely miss the mark. I am sensitive and take things to heart when I shouldn't. This is my BIGGEST FLAW in my opinion, and my friends and family are audience to this. This is why my faith and joy in God comforts me. God made all of us special. With our quirks, our flaws, our talents, He still loves us, and forgives us and treats us as His own children. A Perfect Love.

Yesterday was a particularly rough day for me, and not for anything in particular, just a whole load of STUFF fell on my shoulders and I was so bogged down. It didn't even end when I left work because I had a very awful appointment to go to after work. It was just a big chain reaction of crap, packed neatly on a rocket ship to Sucksville. It's hard to think positively when your whole day has gone down the crapper.

But as I laid in bed last night, registering all the stuff and trying to sort out my brain, it just hit me: "Why are YOU trying to deal with all this? You are simple, you are no superman." And I realized I had forgotten that THIS LIFE is not mine. THIS LIFE is on loan to me from God. And he has offered me an out from this pain, and here I am trying to sort it all out.

My knees hit the floor and I prayed. I prayed to replace the pain with joy. I prayed to take the anger and replace it with glory for God. And I felt it all wash away.
Today is a new day. And I feel great today. I feel like I can tackle this day like a linebacker :)

Don't forget all the free love and sacrifice that God has given and taken for us. God wants us to live the life HE GAVE US, to have glory for HIM!

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