Thursday, April 8, 2010

"This whole Vegan thing..."

Ever since posting about my new lifestyle change of becoming Vegan, almost every conversation starts like this:

"So tell me about this whole Vegan thing."

I heartily smile because I LOVE talking about how great it has made me feel and how I feel lighter (though I am still a chubby girl!), cleaner and all around more free. How can changing the way I eat make me feel like that? Because what I am putting in my body IS clean, and natural. And I feel freer because my body feels like it doesn't have to work so hard now. Not to mention that before I became Vegan, I was a slave to the restroom after every meal. My husband can attest to having to linger a lot longer than normal after a meal because it would never fail that I would have to rush to the restroom. Not a fun thought or feeling!

Another great thing that really has nothing to do with my diet (although, I can say my diet making my body feel so good may be pointing me in the direction of harmony & balance) is morning Yoga. I have always loved Yoga. It's spiritual and stress-releasing and low-impact and just all around yummy for your body. Before Vegan and Yoga, I was, well I'll just say it- BITCHY in the mornings. I needed coffee to get my motor running, a gigantic breakfast, and I needed everyone to do as I say just as I say it, and you'd better do it in MY timing. Libbie pretty much hated me every morning. And the fights I had with a sluggish 4 year old was always increasing. It wasn't her fault. I was straight up military momma in the morning. Not fun for anyone to wake up to. But since I have been vegan, I don't hurt as bad in the mornings, and I don't need that coffee to get me going. I am naturally rested. I do a 30 minute Yoga routine (with a dvd) and after I feel balanced, and FOCUSED which is hard for me to do.

I give props to this change in my life, because I really feel that this change has pretty much overhauled every aspect of my life. I treat my children better, I don't get the blues, I am focused, I am more productive in all areas of my life (Yes, even the the bedroom life!), and the best part of it all: I feel like a kid again! I cannot remember feeling this young and energetic and having more passion than I ever had. Feeling this good has boosted my spiritual life as well. I am more joyful, and more prayerful because I feel soooo good! :) PTL!

If you are interested in looking into "this whole Vegan thing" here are some links for you to check out:

The Kind Life - This is a book called "The Kind Diet" by Alicia Silverstone. The link for the Kind Life is her blog. She shares some really great recipes there from time to time. Alicia is Vegan, but also a PETA activist, so those who may not want to get a dose of 'Free New York's Carriage Horses' you may not want to read everyday. The link to her book is to the used books. Don't buy new books people, buy used. Books are forever gifts, pass them on when you are finished with them! A lot less waste will be attributed to you buying used or borrowing! I borrowed my copy from my Mom :) Hi Mom! This website can get a little activisty (not always a bad thing, but looking out for folks who are doing this for their health or the environment.) but they have a great Top ten book list and also really yummy recipe links.

Dreamin It Vegan- A fellow Vegan blogging about normal Vegan life. Because we aren't aliens eating rainbows and magic as some people think we are! (*wink wink*)

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