Saturday, September 27, 2008


I watched her eyes light up when she saw 3 boys playing with the squishy purple bouncing balls. She could care less about her french fries, there were 3 brand new boys to play ball and be rough with. She immediatly ran to them, and I didn't stop her. French fries can wait.

I had a Senior shoot today, and I was picking up my 3 year old daughter from my parents at the new McD's playplace. My parents got ready to leave to go to my nephews flag football game and I just stared in amazement at my little girl. When did that happen? When did she become this tall and gorgeous 3 year old?

As I watched her play and sipped my Diet Coke, I made a promise to myself: Never will I allow my business life to trump my family life. I don't want to watch those years slip by.

Once at a conference in Illinois I was talking to a group of probably 5 people, of my dreams of starting a studio one day. The subject took a sharp turn when a man around my age asked, "Do you have any children?"
I said, "Yes, a daughter, she's 2." with a smile.
The conversation took a sharp turn left when he said "Cherish your time with her now, because she won't know who you are when you start a studio."
The men all chuckled in agreement. And I excused myself from the conversation.

It was like a jab in the ribs. Back then, when I was editing for another photographer, I imagined that that would never happen. But as I grow in my business on my own, I see my layers being peeled; "Hold on, honey, I'm almost done..."
"Mommy has to work, sis. Please be patient."
"I'll be there in just a sec!"
Now I see what they were talking about, but at the same time, I never ever want to sacrifice time with my baby just to live my dream. Liberty is wayyyyyyyy more important than that, and I will never sacrifice that. E.V.E.R.
I promise.

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