Saturday, September 27, 2008

on the hunt... well, window shopping.

"Wow, this is going to need alot of work."
"It'll be fine. We just need to take some measurements, and crunch some numbers. Find out what we have to do, and what he will work with us on."
"I just want it to be really awesome. Like I drew it up to be."
"It will, hun, it will."

We are "window shopping" for a new place to start our studio. Right now we are studio-less come winter, because right now the green grass and the blue sky are my studio. The downfalls of living in Ohio are A: we live close to Michigan fans, and B: Winter= no money unless you have a studio.

My parents & I checked out some space today, and it would be perfect if I wasn't rational about money. Granted, I still walk in and see everything I drew up in my plans, the elegant but quirky reception area with the glass desk from Ikea, the shabby chic chandelier, the backgrounds hanging, my office that has black cabinetry and handmade built in desk that I imagine my dad and husband planing and building from old barn siding, even the track lights all the way to the Canon I have been drooling over.
But I said I was rational, right? :)

I always dream way bigger than I should, but it helps to ground me when I realize that I may not always get there, but the climb to the top holds alot of lessons. Grounding is and has been a big factor in where I am today. I have alot of people to thank for that, my parents (not in the literal sense, though my high school best friend could vouge for me that I was grounded ALOT.), my husband, my best and closest friends. They are the sandbags to my hot air balloon ideas. Thank you guys for always being there.

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