Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It's been raining alot lately. Typical spring weather. Rainy days make me agitated, especially in spring. But when I think deeper, I think of how God is working this season thing out and how it runs a course. We should compare it to our lives.

No one is happy all of the time. I can accept that I will have bad days. I can accept that things will be roadblocks, because I know that there is sunshine soon to come after the rain. Even if the forecast says rain everyday, there's usually a sunny day in there somewhere. It's been hard to accept this concept lately.

I have so many blessings to reflect on. I have a husband who loves me unconditionally. He's seen me at my worst, and loved me stronger during those times. I have two beautiful little girls who are my daily joy. They bring me laughter, smiles and have taught me selflessness. I have a family that I am extremely grateful for. They have been there for everything, and even when I get in my "moods" they still love me and accept me for who I am. So when I am told from above to do something that I am not gung-ho for, I have all the people listed above as my safety net.

Today is the day that I need that net.

For a while now, God has been speaking to my heart. I have put Him off because I didn't like His words. For awhile I thought "This cannot be right! What is He doing to me, leading me in this direction?!" But now, as usual, I have come to the realization he is doing this to HELP me, not HINDER me. I need to take this step.

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

I will begin working from home,starting in June. I trust that He knows that I will continue to prosper. I am scared, don't get me wrong. But many factors are pointing to this when I look at the big picture. Here are some of the changes I will be changing to make this transistion smooth.

I have wanted to go Eco-Friendlier for some time. About 30% of my business is Eco-friendly at this time. 30% isn't really good enough, in my opinion. Working from home I will be implementing that all ordering will be done online and direct shipped to you. This takes a step out of our carbon footprint, not completely, but reduces it. I will not be driving my gigantic tank of a SUV to and from the studio everyday, and you will not be driving your car to the studio to do something that can be done from the comfort of your own home. You will not have to drive to the studio to pick up prints, because they will be delievered to your door. I'm looking into other ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and though this may not matter you, it does considerably to me. God only gave us ONE EARTH. Just as He only gave us one chance to keep it beautiful while we live here.

Gas. We all have to deal with this factor. By not having to use my resources to pay for a studio, I can keep costs down considerably to you by not having to raise my session fees/print prices to pay for the gas I use to be a natural light photographer. Again, this goes in with the eco-friendly part. Also, Troy's work takes him all over Ohio, and out of town alot. Right now, we spend $200 to get him to work and back home every week. We, just like most of you, are on a budget, saving for emergencies, future college, car, wedding times two, bills, our own student loans, etc. A fellow colleague told me once to never talk about your money, but guess what, I am a wife, mother and human being. We have bills too. I don't like that $200 goes to gas for Troy only. That isn't counting what I spend on gas. To put it in perspective for you, $55 at $4.15/gallon gets me a half-tank of gas. Yeah, I KNOW.

Responsibility to my parents is another factor. I want to know that I can do my part as their child to take care of things they need from me during this time. I need to honor them because they are great people who sacrificed alot to raise me. I love them very much and appreciate them more than I could ever express.

I have tried to dodge this for a while. But, God shoots straight. I have been prayerful and discerning in what my heart tells me. Some of the things I have tried to cushion this have not been fruitful and so now it's just time.

Thank you to all my friends and family who I have let in on this and for your prayers and advice. I'm sure God will give me, as he did when I took the leap of faith to even do this profession, the wisdom and grace to do this right.

Thank you to the clients in advance for bearing with me while I make this change. There will be bugs to work out, and I understand there will be frustrations, but I promise to make it up to you in hugs and chocolate.. okay and some awesome sales :)

Here is a song that has been playing in my heart as I go through this transistion process. Reminding me that even if I make mistakes in this process, God is there to send the rain to wash me clean and give me another shot. Isn't God AWESOME?

Love you all and thanks for all of your support during this time!


Portraits by Nicole said...

God is good and will never let you down. Thank you for being obedient to his calling!!

taf said...

Such beautiful, heart felt words. As you follow in faith, we applaud your every step and know that you will find peace through listening for God's voice. Wishing you well through the transition. Your work speaks just as loudly in the virtual world as it does in person.